Do Not Let Domestic Violence Charges Control Your Future

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously by the police and prosecutors. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may be facing consequences before your case has been adjudicated.

You may find yourself subject to an emergency protective order or domestic violence order. These orders have an immediate impact and can last for two years with the possibility of being extended.

Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs)/Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs)

One of the key issues that people charged with domestic violence have to deal with is complying with the conditions of a domestic violence order. People often underestimate how seriously the courts take these orders. Any violation of part of the order can be charged as another crime. The conditions of a domestic violence order can include:

  • No contact by any means with the victim
  • No returning to a shared home
  • No alcohol
  • Granting temporary child custody

Helping People Fight Domestic Violence Charges

At Ahmad Law Office, PLLC, we understand the severity of the situation you are facing if you have been charged with domestic violence. We will begin building a strong case that can defend your rights and we will help you understand what you need to do to avoid violating the terms of your EPO or DVO. Additionally, we can help build a defense that works together with any necessary deportation defense efforts if your charges are impacting your immigration status.

Since 2000, attorney Wael M. Ahmad has been providing highly effective criminal defense representation to his clients. He established our firm in 2003 and our team of attorneys offers the real help people can depend on.

Domestic Violence Lawyers Serving Lexington And Throughout Kentucky

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