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At Ahmad Law Office, PLLC, our firm has been helping people overcome the most challenging immigration situations for more than a decade. Founding lawyer, Wael M. Ahmad, has been serving the needs of our community since 2000 and established this law firm in 2003. Over the years we have learned how to make the immigration system work for people in need. Immigration law is complex, but, when you know it as well as we do, there is almost always a way to help people secure the positive outcomes they need.

Our firm offers people skilled assistance with a variety of immigration issues, including:

  • Permanent residency — Securing a green card can give you a sense of security you may not have known for a very long time. It can also be the first step toward securing your U.S. citizenship.
  • Citizenship — Becoming naturalized can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have all the rights and protections of every other U.S. citizen.
  • Hardship waivers — A 601 waiver can help stop the deportation of a loved one or help that loved one overcome reasons for inadmissibility to the U.S.
  • Special circumstances — Are there special circumstances that are impacting your immigration status. We know how to clearly illustrate the unique characteristics of your case.
  • Deportation defense — Whether you or a loved one is facing deportation because of criminal charges, overstaying a visa or some other reason, our experience can make a difference.
  • DACA/DAPA — We can help you take advantage of the benefits available under DACA and DAPA.
  • U Visas/VAWA — For victims of crimes and abuse, U visas and VAWA provisions recognize the difficulties you have faced and offer assistance with your immigration status that can help protect you from future violence.

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