Are There Unique Difficulties That Affect Your Immigration Case?

One of the most severe consequences of being in the United States illegally is the fact that if you are discovered by the government you will be deemed as inadmissible. This means you can be deported with no ability to legally return for 10 years. Ten years is an incredibly long time, especially if you have built a life and have family in the United States.

There are ways to fight what is called inadmissibility. We can help you apply for an I-601 waiver that can allow for consideration of various familial hardships as grounds for:

  • Preventing deportation
  • Allowing adjustment of status
  • Allowing re-entry without having to wait 10 years

The government looks at a variety of factors when considering granting a 601 waiver: including:

  • Health of relatives in the U.S. who need your care and who cannot travel
  • If there is a current war in your home country
  • Extreme poverty in your home country
  • Age and economic stability of your relatives

Helping People Secure Hardship Waivers

At Ahmad Law Office, PLLC, we have extensive experience creating smart solutions to people's immigration problems. A hardship waiver (601 waiver) can be tremendously beneficial to individuals who may be facing deportation. Lawyer Wael M. Ahmad has been helping people protect their futures since 2000. His commitment and the experience he has to offer help us deliver the positive results people need. No matter how difficult your problem may seem, we will work hard to find the solution you need.

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