Finding The Right Path To Getting A Green Card For You

Attaining permanent resident status is a goal that many people outside and inside the U.S. aspire to. Permanent resident status is also commonly referred to as having a green card. It is a step toward becoming a U.S. citizen, but it also offers real benefits and security that people may not have experienced before.

With certain exceptions, a permanent resident will not be deported and does not have to worry about securing a visa. For many people, that sense of security is something they have been fighting to attain for a very long time. It can be the beginning of their starting to feel as though they are a recognized part of the fabric of the United States.

Someone who is already here in the U.S on a nonimmigrant visa can secure an adjustment of status to permanent resident, and someone abroad can pursue permanent residency through the following means:

  • Employment sponsorship — An employer may sponsor a skilled worker for permanent residency.
  • Family sponsorship — U.S. citizens or permanent residents may sponsor certain relatives to help them secure permanent residency.
  • Diversity lottery — Every year 50,000 permanent resident visas are made available through a lottery system.
  • Investment — Foreign nationals who invest sufficient amounts in endeavors that create a certain amount of jobs can secure a green card.
  • Asylum/refugee status — If you fear persecution in your home country because of your race, religion, sexual orientation or membership in a political or social group, we can help you pursue a green card.

Helping People Secure Permanent Resident Status

At Ahmad Law Office, PLLC, we understand immigration law and how USCIS applies the law. What we have learned over the years we have been serving our clients allows us to help them navigate the incredibly complex processes that stand between them and securing permanent resident status. The complexity of these processes means that even the most simple mistake can have a devastating impact. You cannot afford for a mistake to derail your attempts to secure a green card for yourself or someone you care about. Lawyer Wael M. Ahmad brings the extensive immigration experience you and your loved ones can depend on.

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